Seminar house Deinsdorf wants to experiment with the everyday practice of non-violence. It wants to be a place, where it is possible to have discussions, to confront a variety of issues, to learn, to try out new skills together, but also to relax and to feel good about oneself.


Hospitality and open mindedness towards our guests are important to us.


We would like to offer you a few days in peaceful, friendly surroundings, where you can recuperate, delve deeper into your interests and discover hidden skills, unimpaired by everyday demands.


Although in the last few years, in terms of the courses on offer, art, handwork and meditation have stepped into the foreground, non-violence is still our key issue, with our central concerns being the various forms of constructive conflict resolution and xenophobia. 


Through international workcamps and the taking on of European volunteers we have come into contact with other lifestyles and ways of thinking.


We place a great weight on an ecological lifestyle that comes close to nature. Through good vegetarian, wholefood meals, we offer our guests a healthy diet and we try to show that an ecological lifestyle can be very agreeable.


One of key topics that we are working on, together with the Circle of Friends (Freundskreis), is the Earth Charter. This is a world-wide project, with the vision of making fair and sustainable development possible, via a contract between all of the nations of the earth. Fundamental are respect for nature, general human rights, social and economic justice and a peaceful culture.

We would like to help to make the ideas of the Earth Charter known to a wider audience, and are happy to pass on further information. Within the Seminarhaus grounds it is possible to see an Earth Charter Path, in which the fundamental ideas of the Earth Charter are artistically represented.